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Working with Ballerina Jewelers, clients will find that we are committed to pushing the limits in offering our clients an unforgettable shopping experience.

Ever question the amount of thought and effort that goes into preparing memories that will last forever? Whether it is a wedding proposal, bar mitfah, milestone birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, Ballerina Jewelers wants to share its passion to help you create an overall customized and personal experience that show meaning in the details of a celebration.

When it comes to jewelers in the US or the Caribbean, Ballerina Jewelers is committed to pushing the limits in offering its clients an unforgettable shopping experience.

Let us recollect for a moment: a wedding proposal, bar mitzvah, 40th birthday, anniversary etc. Ever question the amount of thought and effort that goes into preparing memories that will last a lifetime? Ballerina Jewelers desire is to share its passion in creating an overall experience that show the passion in the details of a celebration. The fundamentals that make the heartbeat of this new culture are our inspiration and excitement to please you, our customer.

Introducing for the first time our Ballerina Concierge Lifestyle. Let us assist in making luxury gift buying effortless, painless and overall an enjoyable treat. With deep roots in experience, education in gemology and manufacturing, Ballerina Jewelers can cater to custom designs, or any jewelry related investment all whilst maintaining its impeccable quality and value. Over the years we have been fortunate to come across sophisticated clients with interesting and chic perspective on jewelry and its trends. Today we realize jewelry shopping is evolving and all about the experience, if you enjoy refreshing thoughts and stories...let us make you happy, let us transform the way you normally invest in jewelry. #makeyouhappy #asmileforyouisasmileforus #effortlesspainless

Take advantage of this newly offered service and book online: Visit any of our locations in the Caribbean (St. Thomas or St. Maarten) or contact us at [email protected] to discuss how we can best meet your needs and make gift buying easy. We look forward to making it easy for you.
· Personalized suggestions
· Celebration reminders
· Sourcing requests for rare gemstones and heirloom items
· Gemstone and jewelry guidance
· Appraisals / insurance assistance / financing of product
· Repair assistance
· Friends and family rates
· St. Maarten / St. Thomas Wedding Planning recommendations (florists, planners, venues, etc.)
· After sales service
· Free parking service
· Unlimited jewelry cleaning

Ballerina Jewelers Concierge Lifestyle Terms and Conditions

All services are subject to geographic location, availability and change. Ballerina Jewelers gives no warranty as to continuing availability of any service. Quotations are limited to Ballerina Jewelers products only. Insurance quotations are made through a third party, and specific terms and conditions may apply. This service is open only to individuals who Ballerina Jewelers consider a customer and is not transferable. If a charge applies to any service, Ballerina Jewelers will notify the customer in advance. Ballerina Jewelers reserve the right to change, cancel or amend its Jewelry Concierge offering without notice.

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